Coalition Building for Healthy Communities

Tom Wolff and Associates bring forty years of experience in coalition building, community development, collaborative solutions and collective impact. We can advance and support your community and agency initiatives. We have the tools and resources necessary to mobilize the power of collaborative processes in your communities.

Through collaborations and coalitions, individuals, organizations and communities become empowered to impact the world around them. Our work is dedicated to bringing greater joy and a deeper sense of spirit and purpose to those seeking to create healthy communities.

Services include:

In This Issue:
  1. My recent editorial entitled "Ten Places Where Collective Impact Gets It Wrong"
  2. Sustainability Revisited with Avenir D’Enfants in Quebec
  3. New Opportunities for Collaborative Solutions with Hospitals and Health Care Systems Emerging from Obama’s Affordable Care Act
  4. Key Informant Interviews: a critical piece of strategic planning.
  5. Connect to Protect: a remarkable HIV Prevention coalition with a brave commitment to social justice and undoing structural racism as it effects HIV/AIDS
  6. New and fascinating resources: recent articles by Liz Beth Schorr and Linda Silka

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