levels of assessment Tool

Levels of Assessment

Internal Coalition Development

                        What types of stakeholders are involved?
                        Are those most affected engaged?
            Recruitment and Retention
                        Are new members being recruited?
                        Are members retained?
                        What roles do members take?
                        What work do they take on?
                        What is their level of participation?
                         Do they bring issues back to their home organization?   
            Are Resources generated by the coalition sponsor? Members?


            What is the coalition’s organizational competence?
                         Do you have a vision, mission, and goals?
                         Do you regularly have agendas and minutes, and do you distribute them?
                         How effective is the communication – internal and external?
            Coalition structure
                        Are meetings scheduled regularly?
                        Are roles and responsibilities clear?
                        Are decision-making processes clear?
                        Do you address and manage conflict?
                        Do you document your efforts and provide ongoing feedback on programs?
            Activities / roles:
                        Does the coalition engage in the following activities:
                        Information exchange?
                        Catalyst for change?
            Planning and implementation
                        Is there a plan and does it get implemented?
                        Does it lead to community/systems change?
            Innovative collaborative problem-solving
                        Do innovative solutions emerge?
                        Are new and more perspectives provided on issues?
                        Are outcomes more comprehensive?

Emerging partnerships, linkages, and relationships

            Are old partnerships enhanced?
            Are new partnerships created?
            Do members report benefits from participating?


            A. Major intermediary outcomes:
As a result of the coalition, are there changes in:
            B. Other outcomes
                                    Is information and knowledge exchanged?
                     2. Leadership of the coalition
                                    Does the coalition develop and support leadership?
                                    Does the coalition build leadership on its issues?
                     3. Coalition learning
                                    Do coalition members learn about:
                                    Facilitative vs. traditional leadership role (running things)?
                                    Letting go / trusting the process?
                                    Allowing coalitions to evolve?
                                    Scarcity-to-abundance mentality shift?
                     4. Outcomes – intentional and unintentional
                                    Are there unintended side effects?
                                    What happened that surprised you that you did not plan for as an outcome?
                                    Were there spin-offs?
                     5. Were the outcomes created the ones that mattered?