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Spring '04 Issue

FALL '04 Issue


WINTER '05 Issue


Taking Action: Addressing issues of social change and power based on a common vision.

Winter '07 issue

Addressing Issues of Social Change and Power.

summer '07 issue

Assessing Our Progress & Celebrating Our Success

Highlights from Tom Wolff & Associates

Spring '08 issue

Spirituality and Social Change : Appreciation, acceptance, compassion and interdependence in our community work

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Summer 2010 issue

In this issue: Health Equity and Social Justice

Spring 2011 Issue

Thriving and Surviving Devastating Funding Cuts: Collaboration and Community Building as the Answer - Part One of Survival Tips

Spring 2012 issue

Fall 2014 Issue


  1. The Emerging Non Profit World in Saudi Arabia: A Promising Glimpse :Tom Wolff’s recent consultations and keynote in Khobar, Saudi Arabia  
  2. “Community Psychology Practice: Expanding the Impact of Psychology’s Work “ Award paper by Tom Wolff in the American Psychologist for winning the American Psychological Association’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Independent Practice
  3.  Two new free webinars from Tom Wolff: Coalition Building and Community Engagement
  4. The Community Tool Box‘s  Out of the Box Prize
  5. Coalition Coaching: A new service from Tom Wolff & Associates
  6. New Clients at Tom Wolff & Associates

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